Safe Space


YourDOST is well known as an online platform where one can seek help anonymously. But what about the ones out there who wanted to interact with like-minded people to express their thoughts, share their deepest fears, and simply wanted to be themselves? There was a need to create a safe place where one could do just that. It was a novel concept that the users had to feel comfortable to approach, and the Safe Space series of events was kicked off in July 2017.

Client: YourDOST
Deliverables: Identity, Social Media, Print
Copywriter: Shivram Vedula
Year: 2017


The first event’s theme was centered around the fear of being yourself. Who we are, what we feel and what we want to say versus what we portray to the rest of the world encapsulates this fear, which is something that many of us experience yet few acknowledge.

Complementing the idea with an evocative design language was just as important. An open door policy for people of all ages, keen on honest talk, in a safe and intimate environment was the essence, and this was translated into the event logo as well.

Vibrant colour usage grounded with a deep purple was worked through the entire concept, and taken forward to all offline and online communication.


The first event was a great success, and had over 220 registrations. The follow up event in October 2017, had an equally positive outcome, the theme being the fear of judgement.