Iskandar Malaysia Guidebook


Iskandar Malaysia is the main southern development corridor in Johor, Malaysia. Strategically located and globally connected; there was a need to present it as a dynamic tourism and leisure destination internationally.

The Iskandar Malaysia Tourism Guidebook served as a main source of reference, developed with business, leisure and family travelers in mind. It targeted the individual or group that looks for adventure, and have a keen affinity to exploring a region.

Client: Iskandar
Deliverables: Print
Year: 2012


An explorer’s guide to the vibrant metropolis.

The design concept was based off the map patchworks, with an amalgam of textures portraying Iskandar as the melting pot of cultures found in the region.

Topographic patterns and shapes linked up with the theme of exploration.

The colour scheme was closely tied to the key elements of Iskandar: Invest, Work, Live and Play, and also retained a colourful and playful nature.

As the guide was divided by zones, a strong emphasis on colour coding was prominent throughout. Elements in the zonal maps were similarly colour coded.

An additional leaflet was developed as a memento for visitors; a map with the main highlights that could be folded down to pocket size.