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Don’t Panic Asia, a youth marketing and events company in Selangor, Malaysia, was looking to make itself more relevant in the somewhat saturated Malaysian youth market.

The challenge was to create an impact for the newly refurbished brand to announce their 2014 return, reinvigorating design for a mass audience. To feel modern and contemporary, while maintaining a minimal overall look was the essence of the complete identity.

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Client: Don't Panic Asia
Deliverables: Identity, Web, Print
Copywriter: Suliono Dimitri
Year: 2014


A few different visual direction were tinkered with. A retro 8-bit aesthetic. Old-school dual coloured screen print. Minimal and glitchy. Vintage, with a pop of colour.

Finally, it was narrowed down to taking cues from urban Malaysia youth, deriving from the electro-clash culture, while also staying relevant to the main Don’t Panic branch in London. The distinctive slab serif font and a vibrant neon palette reinvigorated the identity to fit in with the times.

The website design had a simple parallax scroll and it went through several iterations to keep  visual clutter to a minimum.

A display of the latest blog articles, and profiles of bloggers was in the first fold, followed by a section highlighting more details about the Don’t Panic pack and artwork, with a submission guidelines and form.